Behind-the-Scenes: How New Technology is Virtually Changing Music Videos

Cut Throat Finches new music video for single "Boundaries" uses "VR" Video Technology


BEHIND-THE-SCENES with Cut Throat Finches: New Virtual Reality Music Video

Cut Throat Finches // Behind-the-Scenes "Boundaries" Video Shoot by Logan Gilpin

WATCH THIS: Behind-the-Scenes: Cut Throat Finches "Boundaries" Music Video

Cut Throat Finches // Behind-the-Scenes "Boundaries" Video Shoot by Logan Gilpin

"Virtual Reality" Video Technology "...a brand new kind of video that gives you a sense of depth in every direction so you feel like you’re actually there."

Many music enthusiasts can explain how there is nothing better than watching their favorite band live. Most dedicated fans would give up a night or two of at-home comfortability, to visit their local arena when their band comes to town. Wouldn’t it be interesting to get the same concert feel without leaving your house? It seems a step has been taken to do just that.

Independent Fort Worth production company, Neptune Immersive, has developed a new way to record Virtual Reality (VR) videos that has been used for Cut Throat Finches, new music video, “Boundaries” (due June 9th, 2016).

Logan Gilpin, Founder of Neptune Immersive, gives an explanation on why this is different from current VR videos. “It is making universal content for VR and standard playback devices. You can still enjoy the video in 2D but the VR version will be available.” Logan also goes on to explain the ultimate goal for this new tech. “For example, Taylor Swift had to create two productions for her music video; one in 2D, and the other in VR. We will only have to shoot once and have two products in the end.” Sean Russell, lead singer of the Cut Throat Finches says, “It’s a brand new technology and is a great gift to be a part of.”

The developers believe that this new technology will greatly improve the process of recording in VR and has the potential to later become mainstream in the music industry. This new system will give viewers an opportunity to experience their favorite artists in a brand new light. Soon, you will be able to witness your favorite music videos with a view from the best seat in the house; the best seat in your house.

Hand Drawn Records newest artist, American Rock quintet, Cut Throat Finches (Fort Worth, Texas) is releasing their first music video, "Boundaries," in stunning fashion, using new VR video technology supported exclusively by YouTube.

The video was shot, produced and edited locally by Fort Worth's cutting-edge Neptune Immersive, and to celebrate CTF & Neptune Immersive will be collaborating for the video's release with a local video unveiling and live showcase at Lola's Saloon (Fort Worth, TX) on Thursday, June 9th with The Burning Hotels & Cut Throat Finches.

Cut Throat Finches // Behind-the-Scenes "Boundaries" Video Shoot by Logan Gilpin Cut Throat Finches // Behind-the-Scenes "Boundaries" Video Shoot by Logan Gilpin


"Ever wanted to see from the perspective of a race car driver, or experience a concert from the best seat in the house? You can do those exact things in YouTube... using a Chrome browser, you can tap and drag to look around. Or, with the YouTube app on an Android device, you can pan by simply moving your phone." -GIZMODO

Neptune Immersive // 360 degree Video Production, Fort Worth, TX


"There are many different 360VR camera arrays and experimental custom systems in use today. Neptune Immersive's system is a completely unique approach to the conventional 360 camera array. It is our hope to produce ONE multi-formatted video where the content is filmed for display on both VR and standard 2D.

The system we are using is smaller and less expensive than many standard configurations today, and yet it gives our clients an even more "High Definition" experience than competitors. By utilizing modified cameras in a stereoscopic array, Neptune Immersive is able to produce approximately 6K per eye (even outpacing the highly-touted 4K definition)!" -Logan Gilpin, Owner, Neptune Immersive

HDRComp5 Artist: CUT THROAT FINCHES (Fort Worth, TX) // Photo by artist


Cut Throat Finches. An ironic name for a tiny bird, and conversely, for a band with a giant sound. Singer-songwriter Sean Russell, a proud resident of the Ft Worth, Texas music scene, formed the band mid-2015 with a group of much-lauded players from the area, all of whom were involved in various projects of their own.

With Cut Throat Finches, affection for eclectic music runs deep - as almost a proud obsession of the obscure - and their connection in the studio (their debut LP tracked live on analog tape), blends together like a well-crafted adult beverage. Each flavor to be savored as familiar sonic hints come in waves, with finishes that tend to beg for the next long drink.

"Reality" Album Cover // Cut Throat FInches

Cut Throat Finches debut full length record, Reality, will be released digitally (Hand Drawn Online Store, iTunes, Spotify, etc) on June 9, 2016 and on limited edition, audiophile-approved 180 gram vinyl in July.