NOW AVAILABLE: HARD BOX: Road-Ready Merchandise Case

HARD BOX: The LP Series // Vinyl Record Merchandise Case for Artists


HARD BOX: The LP Series

HARD BOX: The LP Series // Alt. view: In the open position to show display product (12" vinyl LP shown in open lid)

Hand-Built Vinyl Record Merchandise Case, Created for Independent Musicians

The needs of the working-class musician are many and varied, and at Hand Drawn Records, our aim is to give artists the best tools possible to tackle those needs. In the past, we have done this in a few ways; namely via- artist promotion, brand building, recording and photography services (etc), and in early-2015 we took our largest step forward when we launched our vinyl record pressing service, Hand Drawn Pressing.

Today, we are proud to announce a new tool for the independent musician, HARD BOX: The LP Series, a custom ATA flight case built specifically to safely store/display up to 50 12" vinyl records for an incredibly durable and easy merchandise solution. The case has a high-efficiency LED encased in dense foam which both backlights the records housed in the case, plus draws focus to the display area (the lid, which is made to display one 12" LP).

What does this mean?

It means, your merch girl/guy puts the box on the table, opens the lid, puts a record in the lid, and plugs in the light. Then they better start waving people over to BUY YOUR RECORDS and get you gas money to make it to the next town!

The HARD BOX cases are customized by hand by Woodbox Creative in Bedford, Texas and were built in partnership with Hand Drawn's creative director, Dustin Blocker.


Woodbox Creative: the making of HARD BOX


HARD BOX: The LP Series: Road-ready merchandise case built specifically for independent musicians —developed by Woodbox Creative— available exclusively online from Hand Drawn Records.

HARD BOX // The LP Series // Vinyl Record Merch Case by Woodbox Creative



Technical Specs:

  • Size: 14" X 14" X 14"

  • ATA 1/4" Plywood Construction

  • Heavy, Black, Vinyl Laminate Exterior

  • Rust Resistant, Recessed Hardware

  • Carpet Lined + Custom Tolex Protective Interior

  • 2000 Lumen LED Interior Light

  • Holds up to 50 12" Vinyl LPs

  • Made In the USA


HARD BOX: The LP Series by Woodbox Creative: Each HARD BOX case is built-to-order by hand, with delivery in 4 weeks.