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“Brother Bill” EP by Sean Russell


Artist: Sean Russell

Album: Brother Bill EP

Release: 2016

“Brother Bill’ EP by Sean Russell

Promo Photo: Sean Russell, "Brother Bill" EP by Sean Russell // Photo by Honey Russell


Originally recorded in 2012, Cut Throat Finches’ lead singer/songwriter, Sean Russell,  releases  Gospel and Christmas-themed record in memory of pastor and friend, “Brother” Bill Russell


In 2012, “Brother Bill” (Bill Russell), passed away after 27 years of service to the homeless community at the Union Gospel Mission on Lancaster Street near downtown Fort Worth and in that same year I decided to record this album for him.

Bill was described in the New York Times best-selling book “Same Kind of Different As Me” by author, Ron Hall, as being a “Santa Claus like figure” and “a fire and brimstone baptist preacher.”  Absolutely true, but I would add; that Bill was also legally blind, which was notable as he had to practically memorize the entire Bible to give his nightly sermons. But to me, Bill’s most important legacy, was not just that he preached nearly every day of those 27 years as an unpaid volunteer, but how he ended each service by shaking each of his congregation’s hands as they waited in line for food, with a kind, “God Bless you, Jesus loves you, and I love you”… (READ FULL STORY)