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“A Compilation. Volume 1.” by Various Artists


Artist: Various

Album: Hand Drawn Records. A Compilation. Volume 1.

Release: 2012

Product: Digital Download


1.) “A Song About Us” by Exit 380
2.) “The Problem with Sand” by Igneous Grimm
3.) “High” by Fou
4.) “At Your Feet” by Boomin’ Gen Mills
5.) “He’s Got Mine” by Secret Ghost Champion
6.) “Servant No. 1” by W.A. Fite
7.) “Ursa” by Loretti
8.) “Turning the Pages” by Always the Alibi
9.) “Voiceless” by Inside Light
10.) “Dear Amanda” by The Uproot Project
11.) “Just Because” by Abby Norml

Hand Drawn Records. A Compilation. Volume 1.
Featuring 11 eclectic hand-selected artists, culled together for your listening pleasure. The entire album is FREE! All we want in return is for YOU to find your favorite artists and SHARE away!
Licensed by Various Artists 2012. Copyright 2012 Hand Drawn Records LLC.