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“A Compilation. Volume 2.” by Various Artists


Artist: Various

Album: Hand Drawn Records. A Compilation. Volume 2.

Release: 2012

Product: Digital Download


1.) “I Don’t Mind” by Andrew Tinker
2.) “Neighbor Boys” by Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders
3.) “Oh Warden” by The Hanna Barbarians
4.) “Losing Light” by Derek Larson
5.) “You Got Away” by Kelsey Schneider
6.) “Faux Show” by Spookeasy
7.) “Jealous Disco” by MY Wooden LEG
8.) “Take the Pain Away” by Sid Bowden and Joe Turone
9.) “The Most Natural of States” by Swindle Boys
10.) “In Between Dreams” by Altered States
11.) “Roller Coaster Mobile Saloon” by Jefferson Colby
12.) “Don’t Let Go” by Endless Sky
13.) “Diggin’ a Hole” by Fontanelle
14.) “You’re My Favorite Color” by Grey Sky Symphony

Hand Drawn Records. A Compilation. Volume 2.
Hand Drawn Records is pleased to announce we have chosen 14 fiercely independent artists for our second upcoming compilation album. The acts run the gamut of styles from Singer-Songwriter, Americana, and Indie-Pop­; to Prog-Rock, Gypsy-Rag, and Psychedelic.
Licensed by Various Artists 2012. Copyright 2012 Hand Drawn Records LLC.