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“A Compilation. Volume 3.” by Various Artists


Artist: Various

Album: Hand Drawn Records. A Compilation. Volume 3.

Release: 2014

Product: Digital Download


1.) “Tell Me Mama” by Bad Mountain
2.) “The Love Sleeps” by Exit 380
3.) “So Does a Seaon End” by Andrew Tinker
4.) “Built for Love” by Gollay
5.) “The Way She Goes” by Un Chien
6.) “The Ballad of Bluebonnet Trail” by John Earle Mainord
7.) “a rainy day on coNGREss street” by Brandon Callies Band
8.) “The Stranger” by Swindle Boys
9.) “War of Words” by Taylor Craig Mills
10.) “Salutations to a Heart Grown Cold” by Jonathan Jeter
11.) “To the Ground” by Summer of Glaciers

Hand Drawn Records. A Compilation. Volume 3. Recorded LIVE at Big Acre Sound, in partnership with On Tour Monthly.


Striving to continually push, Hand Drawn Records began what would be the most holistic process in our three year history; assembling, recording and manufacturing a compilation album from inception to issuance. Spread over two days in early November 2013, the Texas weather had not yet turned inclement in Copper Canyon, and the countryside air of Big Acre Sound Studios proved to be infectious.

The twelve artists called for this venture were only restricted by the trimmed down nature of the process. The objective—stray away from overdubbed layering in order to construct a simple, yet resonating assortment of music.
Licensed by Various Artists 2014. Copyright 2014 Hand Drawn Records LLC.