Upon the Ecliptic by Andrew Tinker

Sophomore Limited Edition Record, April 18th, 2014

APRIL 18TH: "Upon the Ecliptic" Album Release

Hand Drawn Records is extremely excited to have one of Denton, Texas’ most dynamic recording artists, Andrew Tinker, as a new addition to our family. Over the last nine months, the award winning musician has taken a respite from the live stage to work exclusively on his sophomore full length record, Upon the Ecliptic, and we are thrilled to bring it to life this April in limited print.

Produced and tracked by Tinker at the artist’s personal studio, Big Acre Sound, the multi-instrumentalist enlisted the services of drummer, Jeff Randall, and bassist, Jacob Smith, to record an album encompassing a broad range of pop and indie rock styles.  However, what is staggering about the album isn’t it’s propensity for genre bending; it is in the expert level of musicianship, lyricism and overall quality of music which makes Upon the Ecliptic read as anything but D.I.Y.

Andrew Tinker

But enough about our thoughts, check out what Tinker has to say,

In the nine months between my last live shows with my band (summer ’12) and the beginning of tracking Upon the Ecliptic (spring ’13), life seriously changed for me, and the band, and Big Acre. My brother and bandmate, George, got married in March ’12 and had a baby on the way by summer. My longtime roommate, and It Takes the World artist, Jim Wall bought a house and moved out. My guitarist Kelyn started a new blues project to pursue writing and singing on his own. Julia, my on again off again bass player, had permanently moved to New York. Jeff and Jacob announced their plans to move out of Denton, and Jacob went to Los Angeles in January ’13, and Jeff left for Nashville immediately after finishing tracking drums for Upon the Ecliptic in March.

Everyone was growing up and moving on in 2012, and it was that pain of letting go, the joy of new frontiers, the transience of life’s phases, and the inevitability of changing seasons that I wanted to convey in Upon the Ecliptic.

Maybe people ought to know why I wasn’t playing in 2012. It wasn’t because I was working on Upon the Ecliptic, it was because that hiatus let me experience and digest the growing pains that would eventually BECOME Upon the Ecliptic.

Andrew Tinker

"Upon the Ecliptic" Sessions: Jeff Randall (drums), Andrew Tinker (vocals, guitars, keys), Jacob Smith (bass) | Photo Courtesy Diedre Tinker © 2014

"Upon the Ecliptic" Sessions: Jacob LaCally (mix engineer) and Andrew Tinker | Photo Courtesy Yana Khaykinson © 2014