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"Polite Conversation" by Cut Throat Finches // Hand Drawn Records


"Reality" Album Cover // Cut Throat FInches


AWARDS: Nominated: "Best Americana/Roots" // "Song of the Year - 'Rabbits'" by Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards (2016)

FORT WORTH WEEKLY"The first thing I’m going to do when I get home tonight is download this song to my wife’s iPod playlist.”"

KXT (91.7FM)"New Music Monday Picks, "Moon Beast" by Cut Throat Finches"

CENTRAL TRACK"North Texas Bands Like Cut Throat Finches Are Pioneering 360 Music Video Technology...”


Polite Conversation - Hand Drawn Records (2018)

Reality - Hand Drawn Records (2016)

Cut Throat Finches (2018) // Photo by Honey Russell


Cut Throat Finches. An ironic name for a tiny bird, and conversely, for a Texas band with a giant British rock, to ‘barely blues’ sound. Singer-songwriter Sean Russell, a proud resident of the Ft Worth, Texas music scene, formed the band mid-2015 with a group of much-lauded players from the area. This band shares an affection for eclectic music that is intentionally woven for the discerning ear. Their studio writing blends together like flavors in a hand crafted cocktail, to be savored as familiar sonic hints, with finishes that tend to beg for the next long drink. Cut Throat Finches lay out a trail that plays like a soundtrack to an epic film, a myriad of styles, intended for bigger story.

Cut Throat Finches will release their sophomore album, "Polite Conversation" in May 2018 under Dallas-based, Hand Drawn Records. By album, the band really means album, set to release in vinyl-only format for sale to the general public with limited streaming available only for promotional purposes. “This album was written to be heard on vinyl, and all else is an afterthought for us.”

For 2018, the band will begin a Midwest tour in Summer, focusing on Non-Comm radio and every record store from Austin to Minneapolis. Then, they make a run in the UK for fall 2018, where Russell has toured successfully in previous endeavors.