ANNOUNCING: Cancer Jam 2016
Hand Drawn Pressing: Vinyl Record Pressing Service

Vinyl Record Pressing

VIRTUAL REALITY MUSIC VIDEO: "Boundaries" by Cut Throat Finches

Virtual Reality Music Video

NEW RELEASES: New Album, Reality by Cut Throat Finches

"Reality" by Cut Throat Finches

NEW MUSIC: New Single, Amarillo by Un Chien

"Amarillo" by Un Chien

NEW COMPILATION: Hand Drawn Records, A Compilation, Volume 5 // Released May 26, 2016


The Team

Hand Drawn Records: ABOUT US: Dustin Blocker
Dustin Blocker // Chief Creative Officer
"Dustin is a reformed rock n' roller who spends his mornings drinking coffee, days pressing records and nights dreaming about how to press coffee into records."
Hand Drawn Records: ABOUT US: Chris Whitehead
Chris Whitehead // VP Sales
"The Godfather by day; heavy metal, vinyl-loving teddy bear by night."
Hand Drawn Records: ABOUT US: Gabe Buentello
Gabe Buentello // Vinyl Record Maker
"A simple guy who loves food, music, and sports. An avid reader and occasional sci-fi fan, who shares a birthday with Dave Grohl and LL Cool J."
Hand Drawn Records: ABOUT US: Alex Cushing
Alex Cushing // Chief Operations Officer
"Alex is the man who gets the train there on time, every time."
Hand Drawn Records: ABOUT US: Larissa Shouga
Larissa Shouga // Public Relations Manager
"Larissa is the fangirl who made it past security and somehow managed to stay. She fills her days with taking pictures, running merch tables, and getting bands to laugh mid-set."
Hand Drawn Records: ABOUT US: Sean Russell
Sean Russell // Artist Development
"Sean develops talent like he grows his beard. Naturally."
Hand Drawn Records: ABOUT US: John Snodgrass
John Snodgrass // VP Business Development
"Snodgrass, commonly referred to as "Bird Dog" around the HDP plant, is dedicated to getting records out the door. Has a lifelong passion for music, and attends more shows than anyone we know. Side-note: wishes he could play an instrument!"
Hand Drawn Records: ABOUT US: Adam Caussey
Adam Caussey // Regional Media Manager
"Adam is a lifelong fan, promoter, and enthusiast of great music and musicians. Also a fun and easy person to fire up a good conversation with (actual fire not required, but always helps)."
Hand Drawn Records: ABOUT US: John Buentello
John Buentello // Vinyl Record Maker
"Hi I'm John, I dabble in most subjects related to creativity. I love the people I work with and the talent I've been privileged to meet. Does that answer your question?"


Hand Drawn Records

Hand Drawn Records: Independent Record Label

Hand Drawn Records is a full-service, artist-centric independent music company based in Dallas, Texas. We are a community of like-minded musicians and audiophiles who are passionate about music, and want to help our fellow artists build brands and a fan base. We offer direction and support on websites, promotional photos, and videos in a way that preserves the artist’s creativity.

Hand Drawn Pressing

Hand Drawn Pressing: HOMEPAGE

Hand Drawn Pressing is the manufacturing arm of Hand Drawn Records, and is focused exclusively on vinyl record pressing. Founded in 2014, the business simplifies the vinyl record ordering process, allowing musicians to focus on writing music and connect with fans.

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Hand Drawn Pressing: 16420 Midway Road, Addison, TX 75001

Hand Drawn Records: 18208 Preston Road, Suite D 9184, Dallas, TX 75252

P. 844-438-4695