Hand Drawn Records announces new artist and album by Austin’s The Sideshow Tragedy

The Sideshow Tragedy's new album, "The View From Nowhere" to release across U.S. and Canada on April 12, 2018


"The View From Nowhere" by The Sideshow Tragedy


Releases April 12, 2018 via- Hand Drawn Records (U.S.A. & CANADA)

“An album that sounds as live as can be...it's got a swagger to it...This is rock and roll with dirt under its fingernails." — Martin Bridgeman/KCLR/Kilkenny (Ireland)

“Singleton has a voice that close to Lou Reed...this album [The View From Nowhere] is for those who like to get lost on the dark and lost roads..."— Laurent Therese, Nouvelle Magazine (France)

"Nathan Singleton's National Resonators and Jeremy Harrell's drums fill your brain and cause an adrenaline rush” — Rootstime (Belgium)

(Quigley Media, Austin, Texas) – The Sideshow Tragedy is back with a new record, new distribution company and new European label. The band's new album, The View From Nowhere, was released and distributed across Europe by Dixiefrog Records/Borderline Blues in November 2017 and Hand Drawn Records has picked up the reins with distribution across the USA and Canada on April 12, 2018.

The View From Nowhere, conceived in Austin, Texas and recorded at Old Soul Studios in Catskill, NY with producer and multi-instrumentalist Kenny Siegal once again in the captain's chair, has The Sideshow Tragedy exploring new territory on their sixth record with a myriad of added instrumentation (moog, clavinet, Hammond B-3, backwards piano, upright bass, saxophone) and hypnotic funky grooves, without losing the essence of this Texan rock duo’s “visionary apocalyptic blues” (New York Music Daily).

The sparse narrative on The View From Nowhere captures the spirit of The Sideshow Tragedy frontman Nathan Singleton's poetically ambiguous lyrics.

Hearkening back to the song stylings on their 2015 critically-acclaimed record Capital, “Piston Blues”, a pedal-to-the-metal rockin’ road tune lurches forward like an out of control train or haywire hayride while the ruthlessly catchy “Nobody” deals with the angst, ennui, and resolve of the marginalized:

“Feel like a natural man, all my plates are broken
I’m thinking clear, my mouth is always open
My empty face, and my broken teeth
Give me away in high relief
There’s nobody else out on the road tonight
Just me and my memories, looking for a fight”

"Nobody" (Official Music Video) by The Sideshow Tragedy

Many of the other tunes on The View From Nowhere thematically play with the meaning of time (“Lost Time”, “The Long Time Coming”) with “Time to Taste” taking the Sideshow lads into a funk-filled James-Brownesque groove. On the final and title track, Singleton’s mysterious protagonist seems to be walking to the meter of a death march, but with a fierce determination to somehow stay alive:

“I’m searching through memory
For something to tether myself to
Something to have and to hold and to feed and to clothe
And make me honest too
But it slips through my fingers and I’m frozen in time
Like a clock without any hands
So I’ll just try and not forget my lines
And remember I’ve still got a chance”

It’s safe to say with this new record The Sideshow Tragedy will remain “a thinking man’s rumpshake” (Austin Chronicle). Producer Kenny Siegal describes the ingredients for that rumpshake: “Blown up Fender amps, old dobros tuned like baritone guitars, caveman guy banging on the drums, and dark poetic lyrics sung over the top of it all by a well-read, true Texan punk... What’s not to love?"


Hailing from Austin, Texas, The Sideshow Tragedy is an indie blues-roots-rock duo.

Frontman Nathan Singleton grew up paining in blues clubs in East Texas a a teenager, where his dad was (and is) an acoustic blues fanatic and collector of vintage National resonator guitars. Nathan devoured old blues music, while at the same time, gravitated toward listening to rock, punk rock, new wave, and legendary songwriters and musicians.

Singleton first met his songwriting partner and collaborator, drummer Jeremy Harrell in 2001. Harrell cut his teeth in East Texas as well, a self-taught musician, buying his first (secondhand) drum kit with his last $100 bucks. Jeremy says from the moment they met, they had a “telepathic connection”.

Named after references in a Rimbaud poem called “Parade,” The Sideshow Tragedy has been captivating audiences with their “unadulterated energy” (KUT) and “distinctive, dark, and ultimately uplifting” (Austin Chronicle) songs and live shows across Texas and much of the U.S. for over a decade, sharing the stage with Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, Black Joe Lewis, and many others.