R&B | Dallas-Austin, TX

Heart of the City / Photo by Larissa Shouga 2018


Life is far from easy. We work so hard, but the price of living gives us nothing to show for it. Dance halls and night clubs are the last refuge from the heat of the night and the daily beat downs. Infectious groves, soulful melodies, and the healing begins. We check our differences at the door. Music can save the heart of any city.

"It makes me feel things I didn't know I was capable of feeling" -Anonymous-

Heart of the City is a collaborative musical effort featuring Brandon Callies (Black Tie Vendetta/Brandon Callies & the American Revival) of Austin, TX, and Paco Estrada (South FM/Paco Estrada & One Love) of Dallas, TX aiming to furthur bridge the gap, not only between Austin and Dallas, but between division everywhere. As veterans of making albums, writting great songs, and playing live shows, the two gentlemen have teamed up to continue to bring the salvation of music into the lives of others.

Heart of the City / Self-Titled Vinyl LP


Self-titled debut album out August 24th, 2018. Released on Hand Drawn Records (Dallas, TX).

Official Music Video: "The River" by Heart of the City