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W.A. Fite (Fort Worth, TX) // Hand Drawn Records


DALLAS OBSERVER— "Beginning with the buzzing electronics of "Sergeant F. Head," it's abundantly clear that W.A. Fite is a unique and promising endeavor. Each track incorporates a different style, and whether it's in the Wall of Voodoo-like "Western in A," the retro power ballad "The Piddler" or the almost danceable "Feet in the Water," nearly every track works wonderfully well.”

DFW.COM— "It's an appealing gritty clip that functions a micro travelogue of the DFW area as well as providing an interesting contrast with the decidedly electronic impulses of Fite's tune (which, yes, that's Blocker you glimpse in the video; this is pretty far afield from Exit 380's more straight-ahead rawk)."

ON TOUR MONTHLY— "There is a dark overtone in all of the songs mixed with lyrics about love and family. Great examples of this can be found in songs like “Dramatics” and “The Simple Life“. The American dream is alive and well in this collection of songs, only this is the grey house on the block."


W.A. Fite is pseudonymous for singer-songwriter Dustin Blocker’s retro synth solo project. Best known for his efforts as lead singer in Dallas-Fort Worth’s Roots-Rock outfit Exit 380, Blocker skews his years of stage experience into an altered method; the ambit of synthesized sound-scapes.


Poisoning the Medicine Tree - Hand Drawn Records 2011

Builds.with.Age - Hand Drawn Records 2013

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