NEW RELEASES: Brandon Callies Band Unveils ‘Murder Ballads’ Concept Album

"There's a Killer Down in Texas" by Brandon Callies Band // RELEASES: DECEMBER 18, 2015 on Hand Drawn Records


'Murder Ballads' CONCEPT ALBUM: "There's a Killer in Texas" by Brandon Callies Band

NEW RELEASES: "There's a Killer Down in Texas" by Brandon Callies Band // Photo by Natasha Callies ©2015

- Releasing DECEMBER 18TH on Hand Drawn Records -

MURDER BALLAD [mur-der bal-uh d]

Murder ballads are a subgenre of the traditional ballad form, the lyrics of which form a narrative describing the events of a murder, often including the lead-up and/or aftermath. Traditional ballads are independent from broadsheet ballads insofar as the typical broadsheet form does not use the same formulas or structures and is rooted in a literate society: traditional ballads flourished within non-literate groups within society.


"There's A Killer Down In Texas" came from listening to hours and hours of Bruce Springsteen's "Nebraska," Suicide's self-titled album, and multiple Brainbombs records. I found that most of my favorite albums had dark themes associated with them. I've also always had an affinity for horror movies. I wanted to make a record that played like an old B-movie.

The over the top situations sort of soften the album a bit. I've always been lumped in with the singer/songwriter crowd, which is great, but this album was a chance for me to bring in a little more of a rock n' roll vibe.

It started with me writing a couple of songs and taking them to my friend, Jamie Glasgow (producer/engineer). My thought was to make an EP, but that changed as tracking progressed. The recording experience really shaped the album and made me continue to add to the story.

In the end, I'm really hoping that Rob Zombie would hire me for a movie soundtrack. I kid...sort of.


-Brandon Callies


"There's a Killer Down in Texas" by Brandon Callies Band // FRONT COVER

-Photos by Natasha Callies-