Hand Drawn Pressing, Dallas’ premiere record pressing storefront

"Hand Drawn Pressing, Dallas' premiere record pressing storefront." -Dallas Observer


"Hand Drawn Records Makes It Easier for Bands to Sell Vinyl with New Record-Pressing Service" -Dallas Observer

Stop me if you've heard this one before: vinyl is making a comeback. Physical medium, tactile experience? High fidelity? John Cusack? Well, what you haven't heard is that Hand Drawn Records is looking to provide Dallas with a sought-after service: convenient record pressing for local artists.

Dustin Blocker and Alex Cushing have teamed up to create Hand Drawn Pressing, Dallas' premiere record pressing storefront. By providing a no-nonsense interface and personal interaction, Blocker is able to offer competitively priced record pressing to the DFW area so local bands can hear their own albums when the needle drops. As a former musician, Blocker knows the pitfalls of trying to get a record pressed and wants to use Hand Drawn Pressing to put a community spin on local vinyl...(READ MORE)

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Hand Drawn Pressing: Independent Vinyl Record Pressing Service