COMING SOON: Exit 380 - Lonely Days

Exit 380's Newest Official Music Video Releases 10.13.2015

COMING SOON: PART 1: Exit 380 - Lonely Days (Official Music Video)


In the middle of Summer —armed only with a few guitar amps, some old TVs and a handful of GoPro cameras— Exit 380 and Hand Drawn Records set off to find the most desolate of locations (an abandoned warehouse in Fort Worth, TX) to record what singer Dustin Blocker calls, "a straight-forward, D.I.Y. rock video."

Filled with sweat, exploding television sets and a lot of heart; the music video for "Lonely Days" clearly confirms the band's long-lasting ethos, that you don't have to be pretentious to "rock."

COMING SOON: PART 1: Exit 380 - Lonely Days (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Exit 380's "Lonely Days" releases 10.13.2015 exclusively on Hand Drawn Records.

Exit 380 // Roots Rock, Dallas-Fort Worth, TX // Photo by James Villa

Exit 380


Exit 380 has tread many roads and styles in its career. Originally based in Denton, Texas, University of North Texas students Dustin Blocker, Aaron Borden and Jeff George began as an acoustic cover act with little focus on originality in the early years.

Now, 16 years after the band's formation, with multiple local music awards, sixth full length albums and thousands of live performances, Exit 380 has become a staple in the Dallas-Fort Worth music scene. The band's newest release, "Photomaps" has again breathed new artistic life into the act, carrying a highly-garnered blend of rock and roots to it's fans.


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