New Compilation Record featuring Fresh Spins on Holiday Classics


Hand Drawn Records. A Compilation. Volume 4. The Holiday Record.
Hand Drawn Records is pleased to announce the contributing artists for our fourth compilation record, Volume 4. The Holiday Record. Like last spring’s Volume 3, we will be tracking the record live at Andrew Tinker’s Big Acre Sound studios in Copper Canyon, Texas.

The twelve artists — primarily of North Texas origin — range from roots, folk, pop and rock, but all bring a unique flair for storytelling, and we couldn’t be more excited to work with them!

This compilation will be different than the previous three, with the artists recording their favorite holiday based songs (targeting an early-December release). As always, the records and downloads will be available for free!

Sounds like you will have a good present to share with your fellow audiophile! Hell, Mom might even like it.

THE ARTISTS | A Compilation. Volume 4. The Holiday Record. | #HDRComp4

Andrew Tinker // Yana Khaykinson Photography

Andrew Tinker (Denton, TX)

Bad Mountain by Brant Smith

Bad Mountain (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX)

Brandon Callies Band (Austin, TX)

Brandon Callies Band (Austin, TX)

Daniel Markham

Daniel Markham (Denton, TX)

Dome Dwellers

Dome Dwellers (Denton, TX)

Missing Sibling

Missing Sibling (Fort Worth, TX)

Nick & Paige (Austin, Texas)

Nick & Paige (Austin, TX)

The Screaming Thieves // Rock n' Roll - Austin, TX

The Screaming Thieves (Austin, TX)

Skagg Philips

Skagg Phillips (Denton, TX)

W.A. Fite (Dallas, TX)

W.A. Fite (Dallas, TX)


WhiskeySour (Dallas, TX)