(LIVE) Be Quiet! We’re Recording! by Brandon Callies Band

(Live) Be Quiet! We're Recording! by Brandon Callies Band // Artwork by Brandon Callies 2015

Releases Tuesday June 9, 2015 Exclusively Online at

After nearly two years, Hand Drawn’s Austin, Texas based folk rockers, Brandon Callies Band, are back with a new release, (Live) Be Quiet! We’re Recording!. The 13 track live album compiles nine originals recorded in three different Austin studios, The Space (which was tracked in front of a live audience), and four new bonus studio tracks, recorded live at *Grow House and **Greentown Studios.

Since the band’s sophomore release, Life is Still Good EP (Hand Drawn Records 2013), the Brandon Callies Band lineup has undergone significant changes. With these live sessions being taped in the midst of this transformation – additions of cellist, Mark Williams, guitarist, Zach Arrington and drummer Adrian Voorhies – (Live) Be Quiet! We’re Recording!, arrives as both a rarities album, and as a time capsule for the band.

Starting Tuesday, June 9th, (Live) Be Quiet! We’re Recording! will be sold exclusively online (CD + digital download) here at Presale for the record begins Monday, May 4th (8am CST).




1. This Ain’t a Sunset

2. Shoot You Down (My Love)

3. We’ll See Another Day

4. one rainy day on coNGress street

5. Not Leaving Here Alone

6. Keep On Walking

7. Who Are We to Say?

8. Thinking of Her

9. A Colder Night in New York

10. The Time May Come (Bonus, Studio)*

11. A Lack of Heart (Bonus, Studio)*

12. The Same Old Story (Bonus, Studio)**

13. I Won’t Be Feeling Low (Bonus, Studio)**


THE MOHAWK (Austin, Texas) Tuesday, June 9th

RELEASE SHOW: (Live) Be Quiet! We're Recording! by Brandon Callies Band // Artwork by Brandon Callies 2015

Featuring: The Heroine, Brandon Callies Band and Taylor & the Wild Now // handdrawnrecords/brandoncalliesband