Hand Drawn Records: A Compilation. Volume 4. The Holiday Record.

– Photos by Brooke Adams –

The Screaming Thieves
The newest artist signed to the Hand Drawn roster is filled by a self-proclaimed band of ne’re-do-wells. And from the story in their original holiday track, “A Christmas Story (A Robbery),” one can glean their ill intentions are inescapable; even on a Christmas album.

Cut by only two members of the band (Zach Arrington and Brandon Callies) featuring light instrumentation and a single vocal harmony, the song profiles an actual group of bandits who get their kicks stealing kid’s Christmas presents. But, if you remember Home Alone’s Wet Bandits, it didn’t turn out too well for the bad guys. We like to think a similar fate awaits this song’s characters.

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“A Christmas Story (Robbery)” by The Screaming Thieves
Lyrics and Music by Zach Arrington & Brandon Callies
*Recorded at Growhouse Studio by Zach Arrington
Zach Arrington gtr/vox, Brandon Callies percussion/harmonies
Austin, TX //