Hand Drawn Records: A Compilation. Volume 4. The Holiday Record.

– Photos by Brooke Adams –

NICK & PAIGE // Hand Drawn Records: A Compilation. Vol 4. The Holiday Record. // Photos by Brooke Adams 2014

Austin’s Nick & Paige are an undoubtedly talented acoustic duo, but their charm lies much deeper than even the sum of their considerable talents. It lies within their chemistry, with one another and others, and perhaps it’s in this ease of connection that makes their rendition of Elvis’ classic, “Blue Christmas” so irresistible.

To be sure, their take is engaging stuff, and in the middle of the tune where they substitute a lead guitar for a spacious vocal hum, all feels right beneath the old mistletoe.

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“Blue Christmas” by Nick & Paige
Lyrics and Music by Billy Hayes & Jay W. Johnson ©1964, Published by UMPG
Nick Boettcher gtr/harmonies, Paige DeChausse vox
Recorded and produced by Andrew Tinker at Big Acre Sound
Nick & Paige: Austin, TX //