Hand Drawn Records: A Compilation. Volume 4. The Holiday Record.

– Photos by Brooke Adams –

Missing Sibling // Hand Drawn Records: A Compilation. Vol 4. The Holiday Record. // Photos by Brooke Adams
If you can’t tell in the first six seconds that Fort Worth’s raucous sludge-punk trio, Missing Sibling, really doesn’t give an “F’,” then give it about six more seconds when the vocals come in, and you most assuredly will. Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” is raw, fast and way outside the box.

When lead singer, Drew Gabbert, puts away the mic to rip into a fast, crunched-out guitar lead the band follows suit and blasts away at any semblance to the laid-back original.

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“White Christmas” by Missing Sibling
Music and Lyrics by Irving Berlin ©1942, Published by Imagem Music
Drew Gabbert gtr/vox, Todd Walker bass, Josh Hoover drums
Recorded and produced by Andrew Tinker at Big Acre Sound
Missing Sibling: Fort Worth, TX //