The term ‘acoustic‘ may be applied sparingly, or profusely depending on the artist, but later this year Hand Drawn Records will have some of our favorite artists track their best, or at least fan-favorite, song in a live acoustic format. No copious editing, overdubs, or studio trickery allowed!

Pure recorded artistry in its most raw form. Does all this verbiage make this simple idea a bit cluttered? We had our own W.A. Fite record a demo to spearhead the project, and we think this will clarify the concept.

"Jack" (LIVE Version) by W.A. Fite

Check out a live version of W.A. Fite’s “Jack

“Jack” (LIVE Version) by W.A. Fite
Recorded solo w/ Wurlitzer accompaniment, live 5.26.2013 by Dustin Blocker.
All Rights Reserved, Published 2011 Fite Lite Productions (ASCAP)