PHOTO GALLERY: Analog Sessions, Vol. 1 “The Listening Party” at Midnight Rambler

PHOTO GALLERY: Hand Drawn Records Vinyl Compilation Listening Party at Midnight Rambler in Dallas, TX


Hand Drawn Records: "Analog Sessions, Volume 1., The Listening Party"

November 10, 2015 at Midnight Rambler

- All Photos Courtesy Honey Russell Photography -

Analog Sessions Vol 1., The Listening Party at Midnight Rambler // Honey Russell Photography ©2015

On November 10th, Hand Drawn Records hosted a private listening party for our first-ever fully analog compilation record, "Analog Sessions, Volume 1" at the uber-swanky Midnight Rambler in the basement of Dallas' Joule Hotel. The party was for the musicians, technicians and friends who brought this compilation to life and we thank photographer Honey Russell who captured the event in the below photos.

The record is available now exclusively on vinyl here. Cheers!




“Volume 1” was recorded live to ¼” analog tape on a vintage TASCAM Model 42 reel-to-reel deck and matching M-600 32/16-channel mixing console at Deep Ellum’s storied Ferralog Recording Studios over the course of four months in the spring of 2015. The tape was then mastered and processed through a direct-to-vinyl cutting lathe and reproduced on vinyl record presses in Dallas, Texas.


Andrew Tinker // Brandon Callies Band  // Bravo Max! // Exit 380 // The Orange // Salim Nourallah // The Screaming Thieves // Robert Cody Maxwell and the Gentlemen Vain // The Roomsounds // Un Chien // Whiskey Folk Ramblers



The Midnight Rambler Sound System takes it’s inspiration from the hi-fi systems of the 70’s & 80’s to create an analog sonic envelope that complements conversation instead of competing with it. Vinyl records spin regularly, and when they are not, uncompressed digital tunes fill the void.

Mining the depths of overlooked and under heard audio gems, the music programming features sides hand-selected by Cuffs & Buttons™ to represent a range of Rock 'n' Soul sub genres including hardcore r&b, punk, psychedelic, garage, reggae & dub, blues, surf, and scorching soul.



"Analog Sessions, Volume 1" by Various Artists // Hand Drawn Records // FRONT COVER 2

"Analog Sessions, Volume 1" by Various Artists // Hand Drawn Records // PACKAGING

“Analog Sessions, Volume 1” by Various Artists | VINYL COMPILATION


ARTISTS: Andrew Tinker, Brandon Callies Band, Bravo Max!, Exit 380, The Orange, Salim Nourallah, The Screaming Thieves, Robert Cody Maxwell and the Gentlemen Vain, The Roomsounds, Un Chien, Whiskey Folk Ramblers

ALBUM: Analog Sessions, Volume 1 // Vinyl Compilation

RELEASE DATE: November 20, 2015

PRODUCT: 12″ LP: Vinyl (Special Packaging: Retro-Uncoated 20-Point Cardboard Jacket, Inner Sleeve Full Printed Liner Notes)