Releasing May 10th, 2014

Hand Drawn Records. A Compilation. Volume 3.

We went and recorded our third compilation album with a bunch of fine artists last November, and we really want you to hear each artist’s cut. So, here’s the deal.

Over the next twelve weeks we will be streaming a new track on our Soundcloud, and all you have to do is click on the artist below to go hear it! As always, the printed records and digital downloads for the full album will be available for FREE and we will be hosting a few release shows where you can pick up the disc (starting with Queen City Music Hall in Fort Worth – May 10th).

Our partners at On Tour Monthly are doing a massive “exclusive sessions” series on each artist with killer photos and kind words, so give that a go too!

Hooray for free music! Help spread the word, will ya’?

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Week 1: “Tell Me Mama” by Bad Mountain (3/3)
Week 2: “The Love Sleeps” by Exit 380 (3/10)
Week 3: “So Does a Season End” by Andrew Tinker (3/17)
Week 4: “Built for Love” by Gollay (3/24)
Week 5: “The Way She Goes” by Un Chien (3/21)
Week 6: “The Ballad of the Blue Bonnet Trail” by John Earle Mainord (4/7)
Week 7: “one rainy day on coNGress street” by Brandon Callies Band (4/14)
Week 8: “The Stranger” by Swindle Boys (4/21)
Week 9: “War of Words” by Taylor Craig Mills (4/28)
Week 10: “She’s Letting Go” by Always the Alibi (5/5)
Week 11: Salutations from a Heart Grown Cold” by Jonathan Jeter (5/12)
Week 12: “To the Ground” by Summer of Glaciers (5/19)

VIDEO TEASER: Hand Drawn Records. A Compilation. Volume 3.